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A tight budget and an open-minded client is one of my favorite combinations. In this case, my clients wanted to renovate a dilapidated warehouse into a space that reflected their creative energy and the urban focus of their real estate offices.

We knew that a traditional office space would not suit their budget or image, so we made some unusual choices to cut costs and create a unique and attractive suite of offices. We began by re-using and beautifying as many of the existing elements as possible. For example, one long plaster wall at the site had been repainted dozens of times and was peeling in a variety of colors. We cleaned off the loose peelings, revealing a rich patina, and applied a wax sealer that unified the wall and gave a great effect of visual depth.

To divide work spaces, we used inexpensive and non-traditional materials -- sand-blasted acrylic sheets, painted wood studs, and perforated metal. Bold colors and playful lighting added to the lively personality of the completed space.

Our clients were pleased with the finished space -- and they were delighted with the end cost, which was approximately 1/3 of a typical office space remodel.