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A great pleasure of this project was the clients' willingness to be playful. Much of the delight found in this space comes from surprising juxtapositions of materials, colors, and natural and artificial light.
A one-time maker of colored glass mosaics, Dee Chirafisi was interested in experimenting with similar materials. With the help of Concrete Revolution’s Allen Miller, we created a unique kitchen countertop using sand-colored concrete as a matrix for multi-colored fragments of stained glass. Once polished, the counter was luminous and reminiscent of Dee’s craft.

As avid collectors, both Dee and her husband, Jim Theye, sought to integrate their eclectic treasures into their living space. One unifying theme that emerged was the use of transparent and translucent materials between spaces: A large, wooden, folding screen with cut-out shapes in colored glass was used as a room divider; center-pivot door panels of steel and fluted acrylic helped to separate public and private spaces while still allowing light to flow through; the use of sand-blasted colored glass inserts allowed doors and corners of of walls to act as light fixtures; and woven stainless steel fabric was used to visually screen off a home office.

Taken as a whole, the loft is a coherent space characterized by the exuberance and playfulness of its owners.