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Every building tells a story. With this project, we had the opportunity to learn about one of the most recognized historic structures in Denver, the former "Pride of the Rockies" Flour Mill.

Through archival photographs, we found that parts of the mill had endured -- and survived -- a series of dramatic fires. Interviews with descendants of mill workers and research on mills of a similar vintage revealed some of the purposes of the mysterious holes in floors and ceilings that connected the mill's many levels. Though it had suffered years of vandalism, some gears and fixtures had remained to bear witness to the building's heyday.

Our respect for the mill's history led us to many discoveries that helped to direct the way the building was restored and modified. Our renovation pays homage to the mill's past through decorative elements and some unusual touches -- like exposing and opening up the original chimney on each floor.

By uncovering and revealing this building's history, we were able to add another chapter, carrying a piece of Denver's industrial past into the present.