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The Edbrooke Lofts was the first loft renovation project in Denver, and residents have proudly maintained a leading edge aesthetic in their own living spaces. The vision for this lobby update - spearheaded by a very skilled and persistent HOA leadership team - was to more appropriately reflect the sophistication of the individual loft interiors and improve the building's overall curb appeal.

Though functional, the unusually long entry space suffered from thrifty finishes and poor lighting. Our approach was to highlight existing components that evoked the building's past - such as old-growth heavy timber beams, steel column jackets, and caps - while camouflaging unfortunate necessities like the too-prominent fire protection standpipe and valve.

We accentuated the room's runway-like length with new flooring and a unique stainless steel mesh ceiling treatment. We chose materials with a natural patina, like leather, metallic porcelain tiles and river rock to echo the best parts of the original building. We also built out a dramatically angled niche wall that camouflaged unsightly piping and simultaneously served as a focal point visible from the street. Comprehensive new lighting unifies the space and adds drama at night.

Throughout the process, we worked with owners and the HOA to fit budgets, create consensus and enable continuous foot traffic during construction. The result of our shared efforts is a space that celebrates the materiality of a historic building in a manner that fits its residents' contemporary elegance.